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Jan 30, 2019
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2019 New Microsoft Exam MS-101 Exam Dumps been Updated, Following are some new MS-101 Exam Questions:

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NO.1 You have a Microsoft 365 subscription
All users are assigned a Microsoft 365 E3 License.
You enable auditing for your organization.
What is the maximum amount of time data will be retained in the Microsoft 365 audit log?
A. 30 days
B. 1 year
C. 90 days
D. 2 years
Answer: B

NO.2 You need to meet the technical requirement for large-volume document retrieval. What
should you create?
A. a data loss prevention (DLP) policy from the Security & Compliance admin center
B. a file policy from Microsoft Cloud App Security
C. an alert policy from the Security & Compliance admin center
D. an activity policy from Microsoft Cloud App Security
Answer: C

NO.3 You have Windows 10 Pro devices that are joined to an Active Directory domain.
You plan to create a Microsoft 365 tenant and to upgrade the devices to Windows 10 Enterprise.
You are evaluating whether to deploy Windows Hello for Business for SSO to Microsoft 365 services.
What are two prerequisites of the deployment? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. smartcards
B. computers that have biometric hardware features
C. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
D. Microsoft Intune enrollment
E. TPM-enabled devices
Answer: B

NO.4 Your company has a Microsoft 365 E3 subscription.
All devices run Windows 10 Pro and are joined to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
You need to change the edition of Windows 10 to Enterprise the next time users sign in to their
computer. The solution must minimize downtime for the users.
What should you use?
A. Windows Update
B. an in-place upgrade
C. Windows Autopilot
D. Subscription Activation
Answer: A

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Mar 12, 2019
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