What would be the Salary for an AWS Certified Developer?


Apr 17, 2019
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Amazon Web Services/AWS careers are accelerating itself, it is a fast-evolving cloud computing platform that is offered by Amazon.com. Web Services actually means Cloud-based services and remote computing. AWS was considered to be the first offered in 2006 and it was initially providing online services for websites. The robust AWS system is diversified by geographical regions.

AWS system offers a wide range of services that are termed as CloudDrive, CloudSearch, Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), DynamoDatabase (DynamoDB), Mechanical Turk, RedShift, Simple Storage Services (S3), etc, depending on the need of the end user. The charges for each of these services vary according to the usage over a period. At the end of this article, you would like to become an AWS Certified Developer too, and for that, I would recommend you to join the SPOTO and acquire their enhanced study materials for achieving this certification.

Job opportunities for AWS certifications:

AWS certifications would be standing out as the most valuable certifications in the cloud computing era. The number of people enrolling for these certifications has been increasing year by year. According to Forbes, creating apps as well as managing costs would be considered to be the most valuable IT certifications in the industry of cloud computing. As the IT industry is moving bases from conventional storage to cloud storage, most of the applications now are being moved to cloud computing platforms. Amazon’s AWS would be considered as the class leader when it comes to Web Services or cloud computing. This would create major job profiles for cloud engineers. Considering AWS as a new technology, there would be a shortfall of skilled as well as experienced developers, this gap would be resulting in payment of high salaries for the existing AWS developers.

Amazon had announced earlier this year that its AWS technology partners have hired more certified engineers in a very short period of time. This means to say that just a certificate in AWS would help you earn your dream job. Not just a dream job, it will create a career path that will have various opportunities to find growth.

AWS developers can work as solution architects, solution design engineers who will handle the roles of designing applications and systems.

What Salary could be expected by an AWS Certified Developer?

The average salary for those who are holding the Associate level certificate of AWS Certified Developer is considered about $112,984.

If you wish to achieve this increasingly popular certification, you would be required to:

• Acquire a good grasp on choosing the right AWS services for the application.

• Learn about Leveraging SDKs (software development kits) for interacting with services from your application

• Have to learn about writing code that optimizes performance

• Acquire the application security of Code-level.

Experienced and skilled developers are known to have a huge demand in the cloud industry, but what about the new talent? Developers who are new to this field, considered as fresher, might not find it hard to find their first job. The well-experienced developers are willing to create teams for the best of the future of the organizations they serve for. The gap that needs to be filled in the fast-evolving cloud-based services, there will be no shortage of jobs at least for the next decade.

If you are someone who is willing to make a career in the field of cloud computing, then you should go ahead and chose to take up AWS certification from a trusted source, and you might have a career that would provide you growth at a higher speed than your expectation.

Thus, if you wish to add this certification to your CV, join the courses offered by the SPOTO and gain become certified as the AWS Certified Developer.