What is the Jobs For CCIE Security Certificated Freshers?


Apr 17, 2019
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Cisco CCIE Certifications are considered the most challenging certifications in order to earn. Being extremely difficult and high in demand, there would be lots of scope to CCIE Certification. One can do CCIE certifications in the given domain Security, Wireless, Routing & Switching, Data Center, Service Provider, and Collaboration. Out of these six, CCIE Security V5 Certification would be considered as the high demand of all. Reason being, that in the evolving technological landscape of today, everyone would be needed in order to secure their networks. So here are some scopes of CCIE Security Certifications. So if you wish to have this certification, you are required to have a good training platform, which according to me would be the SPOTO.

Benefits of CCIE Security certification:

• High Demand

The demand for Cisco CCIE Security experts would have flourished as the IT landscape in increasing progressively. In India, even after so many network engineers are there around you, there is a shortage of the demand and the need of CCIE Security experts is flagrant. Also, with new businesses that would be emerging into the picture and organization expanding towards different verticals, the scope of CCIE Security Certification wouldn’t be going to diminishing anytime soon.

• Reputable Designations

CCIE Security Examinations are considered to be quite extremely difficult and clearing those and earning the CCIE Security V5 Certification in itself would be considered as an accomplishment. The skills and knowledge would be gained in the journey of earning the certification are of the expert level and that would be demanding best level management designations in such companies.

Below mentioned are some of the designations of a Cisco CCIE Security Expert.

• Firewall Engineer

• Infrastructure Consulting Practitioner

• Network Security Administrator IT

• Network Security Analyst

• Network Security Architect

• Network Security Consultant

• Network Security Engineer

• Network Security Engineer

• Security Specialist / Lead Security Specialist

• Senior Network Engineer (firewall & VPN)

• Outstanding Salary:

Being the highest demanded certification in the industry, CCIE Security Experts also acquires to have a handsome salary after the acquisition of their certification. The traditional criterion of supply being would be quite less than the demand, which makes this certification like significant and impressive. Having CCIE Security Experts in such short number is what would make them vital and companies shed millions on them.

• Promotions get faster

Having a certified with CCIE Security on the resume doesn’t only add a feather to your resume but you would also heighten the chances of your promotion. The skills and knowledge of a CCIE Security Network Engineer are of an expert level which would be distinguishing him or her from the crowd. These experts have bled in their training and would be best at everything in their job! They troubleshoot the network faster, provide high-level support, solve complex network issues and perform it quite better than an average engineer.

• Tremendously growing career

There are lots and lots of Scope of CCIE in India as well as across the globe. Acquiring a CCIE Security Certification opens a door to many prestigious jobs like TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Dimension Data, etc. which would be used to seem next to impossible so as to achieve. Also, you could get many on-site opportunities to lots of countries like UK, Canada, Dubai, Australia and more on handsome packages. With securing each and every complex that would be evolving network, the career graph which would be growing exponentially high.

Hence, Cisco CCIE Security Certification is considered as a milestone where you would be earning the remarkable perks of your hard work as well as dedication. If you wish to obtain this certification, which would be acquired if you join through the training courses provided by the SPOTO.