Is CCNA Security Certification?


Apr 17, 2019
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The CCNA Security Certification is a credential that would be awarded to only those IT professionals who have cleared the Cisco's Certified Network Associate Security exam. The CCNA security certification would be demonstrating the employers that the holder is competent and qualified enough to handle a variety of network security tasks. The exam is considered to be exclusively offered through the network solutions giant as the Cisco

What would be the Purpose of the CCNA Security Certification?

The CCNA Security certification would be providing the hands-on skills and knowledge would require to install, troubleshoot as well as monitor security networks and peripheral equipment. Those who could earn the CCNA Security exam would be demonstrating the employers that the candidates hold the necessary knowledge so as to become security administrators and network security specialists. Employers are going to prefer hiring the candidates who are holding this credential because it would be providing them the guaranteed quality work and competency. The CCNA Security credential is considered to be a prerequisite for becoming a Cisco Certified Security Professional.

CCNA Certification Benefits

The CCNA Security credential would be offered to the IT professionals, as a set career path in network security. The credential would be allowing the experienced networking professionals to enhance their careers chances with new security skills as well as knowledge. It would also act as a stepping stone for IT professionals who wish to increase their CCNA-level skill set in order to become an entry-level security specialist. It would be helping the IT, professionals, whether they are new or they are experienced, in order to differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace and achieve their career success. It would also offer career stability that would be allowing the IT professionals in order to focus on a specialization area and it would even help them to prepare for the CCSP certification. So, if you wish to have all these benefits, you could have it through study, which you could gain it joining the SPOTO.

Recommended Skills

Network security specialists would have a bachelor's degree in computer science, security, and engineering. They would usually have at least five years' experience with digital as well as physical network security. They must have to demonstrate their ability to research and create presentations on the planning as well as the implementation of network security solutions. They would need to have the writing skills in order to compose statements for clients, vendors, coworkers, and subcontractors. Network security technicians would need to have the ability in order to work independently when necessary to meet strict deadlines, but also collaboratively work with other network security as well as IT professionals.

Career Options:

Research would be showing that the most common jobs which would be associated with the CCNA security credential are network specialist, engineer, manager, and administrator. Additional jobs that are included are a systems engineer, a security analyst, and security engineer. Network security technicians design physical security solutions which would be based as per client requirements and technology limitations. Their duties are going to include data validation, drawing markups, process documentation, device counts and bill of materials development. Their scope of work development would be varying based on the client's needs and project requirements. They might be asked to help security teams with recommending and researching new security that would be addressed specific threat concerns. Forensic data breach analysis, as well as malware reverse engineering, are advanced duties of senior security technicians.

So, acquiring the CCNA Security Certification would have you this much benefits, and if you wish to have all these benefits, you could gain it through the SPOTO, which again provides you with a guarantee of success.