Apr 8, 2019
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Keto Hack Gonna let y'all know how this stacks up against the chocolate keto collagen from preferred keido's we got preferred keto versus perfect keto as Logan from goody beets would say don't be jealous oh yeah I'm about to tear this up y'all YUM dinner's demolished as usual but I wanted to give you all an update on the coffee so I did the keto chocolate collagen and I have my preferred one as well I wanted to compare the ingredients with y'all so as far as calories go the perfect has a little bit more calories than the preferred as far as fat goes we've got four for this one we've got four for the other one carbs as far as net carbs we've got less than one for the preferred and this we have one for the perfect but we have like dietary fiber so about you know like zero for that one they both have MCT oil in it they both have the collagen powder do they have the same amount let's say mcg they both have 5000 and collagen so pretty much they're exactly the same as far as the we had to take a potty break goal