Sep 5, 2018
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I just took the exam yesterday and found most of the topics to be very relevant to the test. Microsoft AZ-100 study material was very useful for me. AZ-100 dumps PDF covers all the objectives needed for the exam, so it is a good start as preparation. Highly recommended to everyone. These are following questions which I attempt in final exam.

Q: - You have an Azure subscription that contains 10 virtual machines. You need to ensure that you receive an email message when any virtual machines are powered off, restarted, or deal located.

What is the minimum number of rules and action groups that you require?

A. Three rules and three action groups

B. One rule and one action group

C. Three rules and one action group

D. One rule and three action groups

Correct Answer: C

Q: - You plan to use the Azure Import/Export service to copy files to a storage account. Which two files should you create before you prepare the drives for the import job?

A. an XML manifest file

B. a drive set CSV file

C. a dataset CSV file

D. a PowerShell PS1 file

E. a JSON configuration file

Correct Answers: BC

Q: - You have a Recovery Service vault that you use to test backups. The test backups contain two protected virtual machines. You need to delete the Recovery Services vault. What should you do first?

A. From the Recovery Service vault, stop the backup of each backup item.

B. From the Recovery Service vault, delete the backup data.

C. Modify the disaster recovery properties of each virtual machine.

D. Modify the locks of each virtual machine.

Correct Answer: A


Oct 22, 2018
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Its truth that perfection is only with practice. As much as you practice, you become a master. Same what I did in my preparation of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment exam attempted all questions again and again which removed all my flaws in my preparation and made me perfect to appear in my final exam. Microsoft AZ-100 dumps PDF helped me to clear my entire concept about all topics and brought my other side to the light. After just reading the questions and answer in the provided demo I felt that I’m on the right platform. Without any second thoughts, I downloaded this study guide and became victorious.