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Which two components of the server architecture of Microsoft Dynamics365 for Finance and Operationswork in conjunction with one another to present web page accessibility through a supported web browser? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Forms Engine
B. Cache
C. Data Access Layer
D. Interaction Layer

Answer: AD
We can also connect through the user interface interaction layer, and we also have the forms engine. It'simportant to note that there's no longer a hard client involved in the server architecture as theform enginesandinteraction layerare designed to generate Web pages accessible on any Internet browser.

You are developing a Fleet management module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.
You create an FMVehicle table to store information that is specific to each vehicle in your fleet.
Now, you need to create a form that allows users to view and edit all of the information related to a vehicle.
Which form pattern should you use to accomplish this goal?

A. Workspace Operational
B. List Page
C. Dialog - Basic
D. Details Master

Answer: D
Operational workspace: This is the standard pattern currently used forworkspace development. Becauseof the set of components that are permitted in it, this pattern has superiorperformance over the deprecated"workspace" pattern. For this reason and to ensure visual and behavioral consistency with the otherworkspaces in the system, we recommend that you use this pattern.
List Page: A list page presents a set of data on a user interface that is optimized so that you can browserecords, find the right record, and then take an action upon that record. Thelist page lets the user search,filter, and sort the data. FactBoxes on the right side of the grid show related data for the active record.
Actions that are relevant to the record are located on the ActionPane at the top of the page. The use of thispattern is now discouraged when there is a 1:1 correspondence between the List Page and Details page.
Current guidance is to use this pattern only in other situations, such aswhen list pages have no backingdetails pages or have multiple backing details page (for example, when project quotations and salesquotations are shown together in the same List Page). Detail Master: A details form is the primary method for entering data. Theseforms let the user view, edit,and act upon data. All content on these form types is structured into FastTabs that can be expanded andcollapsed, so that multiple FastTabs can be open at the same time. The FastTabs can contain fields or agrid, and each FastTab can have a local toolbar. This is the basic Detail Master pattern. This is the patternthat you should use by default.

You are an administrator of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations - Retail liveenvironment.
You receive a report that the corporate Retail server is unresponsive.
Where should you look first to troubleshoot the issue in the most efficient manner possible?

A. Environment Monitoring in Lifecycle Services (LCS)
B. Event Viewer of the Retail Server
C. Activity Log in Azure Portal
D. Event Viewer of the Application Object Server (AOS)

Answer: B
Retail Server, Modern POS, and hardware station are logged in the Event viewer on the local machine.

Employees who use a Cloud point-of-sale (POS) at a store report that the product information is notcurrent.There is no Retail Store Scale Unit deployed at the store, and you suspect that the scheduler job thatupdates product information has failed.
Which two actions can you take to check the status of the scheduler job?Each correct answer presents acomplete solution.

A. In Event Viewer, look at the Commerce-RetailServer event log for an event that references the job.
B. In Lifecycle Services (LCS), look in Environment monitoring, and search Activity for the batch job that includes the scheduler job.
C. In Retails Headquarters, look at the history of the distribution schedule that includes the scheduler job.
D. In the Cloud POS, look at the Database connection status screen for the job.

Answer: BC
Retail distribution jobs uses the commerce data exchange async server and the retail scheduler.
The components of messages, environments, and jobs are all collected and surfaced up to LCS to providea one-stop overview of diagnostics and monitoring.

You finish developing a model named CompletedModel1 that contains objects.
Which three items from the model must be included to build the CompletedModel1 model during the package build on the build server? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. CompletedModel1 build result file
B. Metadata of objects in CompletedModel1
C. Source code of objects in CompletedModel1
D. Visual Studio solution file
E. CompletedModel1 descriptor file

Answer: BCE
A Dynamics AX package is a deployment and compilation unit of one or more models. It includes model metadata, binaries, cubes and other associated resources. One or more AX packages can be packaged into a deployment package, which is the vehicle used for deployment on UAT and production environments. Packages are packaged into a deployable package file for deployment to Sandbox or production environments.

You are working in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail environment andneed to develop an app that canbe installed on a tablet to calculate the sales total with tax for a given list of items.
The app must work if the tablet loses wireless connectivity.
Which type of interface should you use to develop the app?

A. Cloud POS
B. User Interface
C. eCommerce
D. Modern POS

Answer: D
Users of Retail Modern Point of Sale (POS) can perform various retail tasks on supported laptops, tablets, and phones. These tasks include processing sales transactions, viewing customer orders, managing daily operations and inventory, and viewing role-based reports.

You are working for a client in a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment.
The client requests that custom fields be added to the SalesTable table. You need to add them in a way tominimize the cost of maintenance and upgrading.
What should you do to add the custom fields?

A. Create a new package in the ApplicationSuite model.
B. Create a new model that overlayers the ApplicationSuite model.
C. Create a new extension model that references the ApplicationSuite model.
D. Create a new project in the ApplicationSuite model.

Answer: C
Microsoft's best practice recommendation is to use extension objects and models wherever we can.

You are working for a client in a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations developer virtualmachine (VM). The client has existing models and solutions checked into version control with Visual Studio Team Services.
You connect to the Visual Studio Team Services site and want to access the client's existing modelstoview X++ source code in the Application Object Tree (AOT).
To achieve this goal, which two directories do you need to map to your local VM? Each correct answerpresents part of the solution.

A. Metadata
B. BuildProcessTemplates
C. Main
D. Projects

Answer: AD

You are working in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment that has a Dock siteand a Plant site. The Dock site contains one warehouse, and the Plant site contains three warehouses.
You want to create a new security role. When users assigned to this security role view the InventLocationform, they should only be able to view the warehouse that is in the Dock site.
Which security framework should you use to accomplish this goal?

A. OAuth 2.0 Authorization
B. Table Permissions Framework
C. Record-Level Security Framework
D. Extensible Data Security Framework

Answer: D
Data security
Authorization is used to grant access to elements of the program. By contrast, data security is used to denyaccess to tables, fields, and rows in the database. Use theextensible data security frameworkto control access to transactional data by assigning datasecurity policies to security roles. Data security policies can restrict access to data, based on either theeffective date or user data, such as the sales territory or organization.
Record-level security, which was a mechanism for securing data in Dynamics AX 2012 and earlierversions, is obsolete.Extensible data securityis the recommended mechanismfor securing or filtering datain the program.
Additionally, the Table Permissions Framework helps protect some data. Data security for specific tables isenforced by Application Object Server (AOS).

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