1. K

    IBM Exam Help

    Hey Everybody are you looking for some help related to IBM Certification? Feel free to visit us for all brain dumps and helping material for IBM Certifications. Visit fravo dot com for details
  2. P

    Time to study again has come. MCSE + MCSA old

    Hello,I have an MCSE and MCSA on Windows 2003 and MCTS in SCCM 2012I need to update my old certifications.Time to study again has comeGreetings to all from Spain Hello,I have an MCSE and MCSA on Windows 2003 and MCTS in SCCM 2012I need to update my old certifications.time to study again has...
  3. Mouratov

    Request- Study Guide, CBT for System Center 2012 R2

    Hello guys, Anyone have the CBT nuggets for this to share, or some website for labs or study? thanks
  4. J

    passed 413 exam

    i passed 413 exam score 820 i would like to say thank you everyone and a person who created certify chat forums, it was good have study group and find answer together. those who haven't take exam i wish you all good luck..
  5. Sacriestory

    VMware VCP-DCV 6 - Exam File - Validated | Exam 2V0-621 and 2V0-621D

    :rolleyes: Share the Knowledge is share the power..... Tested by my self in a real exam IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please consider this Dump as a tool to help and improve lack areas. Never must be considered as a replacement for the experience and formal study. Microsoft always update their exams...
  6. J

    What score on the practice test do you aim for before booking exam?

    As the title says i am curious as to what others aim for. Is it 100% on all the case studies and the questions in the other sections? I'm resitting on Tuesday and hoping to have it memorized but its a lot of material.
  7. T

    Case Study 1 – Contoso Ltd.

    Hey guys I don't know if I'm being blind here but in Case Study 1 – Contoso Ltd, questions 13 (on corrections document) where about does it mention the 2 servers are non-domain joined in the case study? Thanks for your help in advance.
  8. K

    E05-001 Study Material?

    i am looking for study material for this exam. I don't want to pay for this for nothing. I found the ISMv2 pdf, but not the v3 pdf. Does anyone have any ideas?
  9. admin

    70-412 April 10 2016 VCE

    New VCE created by RunePup. Many thanks to all the contributors especially RunePup who created the file and helped the community! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please consider this Dump as a tool to help and improve lack areas. Never must be considered as a replacement for the experience and formal...
  10. Ergis

    Contonso LTD Case E

    There are some new Questions in this case study pls if anyone have the new Questions please share.... Thank you all
  11. M

    Passed Today

    First of all, I would like to thanks to anybody who a shared and correct the exam files. I passed for 414 with 83x score. Study ThePuck and Lead2Pass premium 246q. There are 4-5 new question which I do not found in both exam. So, All of them I'm guess for the answer ;);) By the way, ThePuck...
  12. E

    woodbank grove case study

    Hi guys, Today i failed my 70-413 exam. I had a case study about woodgrove bank it had some similarities with the "line of business applications" case study but also had some extra information. Does anyone have any information about this case? I've looked all over the internet but could not...
  13. T

    Study material to pass

    I Passed yesturday morning with 852 and i used the following study material; CBT Nuggest (watched all the videos, take notes and build a Hyper v lab to work along with the nuggets) Which tool should you use? - Microsoft Questions & AnswersMicrosoft Questions & Answers (this is the latest...
  14. A

    Anyone Pass 70-341?

    Hi Guys/Girls, has anyone written this exam and passed? looking for the right dump to study off. i will be writing next month. thanks.
  15. O

    CV0-001 Cloud+ - Anyone have study materials or VCE files?

    I haven't come across much study materials for this exam and nor can I find any recent or validated VCE files. So far this is what I have found for study material : <--- Free
  16. Bobo

    Starting now - which one?

    Hi guys, So many threads about 70-412. I start study today. Have my own virtual environment. Want to use VCE for study also but I see so many of them. Which one or ones should I download to cover the actual set of questions in the exam. Planning to take the exam on wednesday 24th of Februari.
  17. K

    passed test today

    thanks to puck and everyone on cert chat I passed the 414 test today with a 836. Puck's December pdf has almost all of the questions, but I feel some of the answers were wrong, so I would study the questions and figure out the answers. 70-414 (v.2) Archives - Microsoft Questions &...
  18. T


    hi GUYS Im doing 70-414 and lookin for reliable study notes. will appriciate any link.
  19. C

    Complete Security+

    Hello people, I finished my MCSA because this site and community is great source, so I started to study for Sy0-401. In attachment you can find complete dump of 1750 questions for CompTIA Security+ certification, source is one man who works in CompTIA company. Best of luck, best regards, peace ...
  20. S


    Greetings to you all... I recently wrote my 412 exam using the 406 last October, November but I failed with the score report of 630 and I rewrote my second attempt in December also failed and now I'm preparing to rewrite my third attempt. Can anyone please advice me on which dump to study...