1. S

    Passed today with 775

    Thank you to everyone on this forum for all their invaluable feedback, especially the guys that worked on the CertifyChat November VCE and PDF files. There are some wrong questions, but they are both still valid to pass with. 95% of my exam was in the dump. This was my 2nd time taking the...
  2. D

    pass 412

    Hi allI already passed 412 exam today with 8** with the second try, I studied using Greg Shields’s videos on Pluralsight, Microsoft technet and the vce file you guys prepared In my first try, I failed 630 because I studied using forbiden vce (which unfortunately I bought and it was around...
  3. B

    Pass Today 820 - i am MCSE Now

    Hello everyone, I have passed the 414 exam today with 820 result I Used CC and forbiden dumps listed below with reviewing all posts in this forum to correct the answers : 1-70-414 CC Th3Puck 2-70-414.forbiden.Premium.Exam.245q-Fixed Special thanks to mecbeau and enya for their...
  4. D

    Pass 780

    Pass 780, found 1 new question,but i forgot, Thx for all of this forum brother
  5. Y

    I failed with 603 at 30/12/15' .What must i do certainly to pass 414 in 10-15 days?

    I have this file (70-414 CC Th3Puck) and some yes&no and drag&drop corrections. But what sources or question posts could be enough to pass? I need your advices immediately.
  6. metro

    New Files for 412

    Hello All, Check the files below and hopefully you can pass 412 with those extra questions. 70-412.NewModified.Premium.Dump.pdf - 70-412.NewModified.Premium.Dump.pdf 70-412.examcollection.premium.exam.276q.pdf -...
  7. K

    Passed with 760

    Thank you All for the help. Guys study 70-414 CC Th3Puck.pdf,however it is not 100% but u can pass the exam.
  8. V

    Passed 414

    Hi Again Everyone, Yet another success story, after a lot of reading studying and understanding, exchanging answers here in the forum, thankfully it paid off, thank you all mainly Trouble, Enya, Mec! i will keep it brief, its safe to say that the latest forbiden Dump 238Q is 90% Valid as i...
  9. mecbeau

    70-411 492-Q final File pass leader latest version 322Q

    70-411 492-Q final File pass leader latest version 322Q