1. trouble4k

    New questions by revaner

    QUESTION 1 You have a system Centre 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Service Pack1 (SP1) deployment that contains the servers configured as shown in the following: Server1 : Primary site server Server2 : Management point Server3 : Distribution Point Server4 : Enrolment Point...
  2. A

    70-412 Virtaul MAchine Environment

    Hello guys, Maybe someome of you know where I can get virtual environment for 20412D course or the manual for setting it up? Could you please kindly share this info? Much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. enya

    Case Study 6: Contoso Ltd Case C

    Background Overview Contoso, Ltd., is a manufacturing company. The company has offices in Chicago and Seattle. Each office contains two data centers. All of the data centers and sites for the company have network connectivity to each other. The company uses a single Active Directory...
  4. enya

    Case Study 1: Contoso Ltd Case A

    Overview Contoso, Ltd. is a recruiting and staffing company that has offices throughout North America. The company has a main office and six branch offices. The main office is located in Miami. The branch offices are located in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, and...