1. V

    Pass 70-412

    Greetings, Just wanted to thank the entire community for the help in getting me to attain my MCSA. Most of my questions were from the dumps but many multiple options, drag and drop and hotspot. There was one new question about Azure back up everyday and every 30 days. Another question about...
  2. A

    failed today error answers at the dump 70-413-CC-vce and 7 new questions

    Q1- How to make a new shared folder named share if you have 5 disks and can be valid if the other disk failed drag and drop in order : Create share Create and attach VHD Create a parity VHD Create simple disk Create simple VHD Create storage pool Q2-what node shoud you use to view a...
  3. aresblade

    8TB disk vhd

    There is a new question about 8 tb disk and vhd someone has it?