1. fluffyuranus70


    ...stop putting passwords on the damn VCE files. I could make CORRECTED ones with explanations and references available if they weren't locked.
  2. Naruc

    70-346 Exam March 2016 v3.0 -added question -corrected one question v2.5 -corrected a few questions. v2.4 -added question -corrected one question...
  3. C

    New VCE 70-412 , please test

    new file here. Should be corrected. - 70-412
  4. C

    NEW VCE 70-412 9 March...

    Could someone check this out and tell me if it looks corrected ? - 70-412
  5. T

    Passed with 760

    I used th3puck dump and some of the corrected answers on this forum Thank you all very much. I am now MSCE
  6. mecbeau

    PASS LEADER 245Q File Corrected Answer ALL HERE

    Q 240 A D Q 239 BC Q 236 NO Q 235 C Q 226 D Q 211 Same ans as 245 Q 208 Add HYPER-V Host SERVER GATEWAY Add a NETWRK Serivce NAT Q 204 A D Q 194 A C Q 193 B Q 192 C D Q 185 C D Q 184 D Q 182 A C Q 181 B Q 178 A Q 177 ON CLUSTER3, ADD SCSI CONTROLLER TO SQL-SERVER3 CREATE vhdx...