1. admin

    70-412 April 10 2016 VCE

    New VCE created by RunePup. Many thanks to all the contributors especially RunePup who created the file and helped the community! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please consider this Dump as a tool to help and improve lack areas. Never must be considered as a replacement for the experience and formal...
  2. C

    NEW VCE 70-412 9 March...

    Could someone check this out and tell me if it looks corrected ? - 70-412
  3. coodyscoops

    Newest version of A+ VCE Player

    Hey all, For anyone looking for the newest version of a+ vce player, please check out this post, i update it as new updates are released so feel free to check that post whenever you need the newest vce player :)
  4. S

    Passed 740

    Certify chat.vce is valid same questions but attention need check answers
  5. J

    forbiden Premium Q184 and Q190 - same question but different answers

    Hi, could you please check in the forbiden Premuim with 245 question the question 184 and question 190. The question is same but two different answers or I missed something? Kind regards!
  6. metro

    forbiden Premium - 245Q

    Hello Check the latest forbiden file. - 70-414.forbiden.Premium.Exam.245q.pdf
  7. trouble4k

    414 latest VCE file Update

    Hello All, I will need 4 volunteers to prove and go through the latest VCE we are creating for 414 before we release it to the public. What you need to do is: A) Check all the answers and get back to me with comments about any wrong question. B) Check the Mix Questions and report back...