1. F

    Microsoft 70-412 Exam Study Tips And Information

    I passed my 70-412 exam on the first attempt! Thank you for making a 70-412 dumps pdf. I would have never got through this without Pass Perfect! http://bit.ly/70-412-exam-dumps-pdf
  2. S

    SPAMM 70-412

    i get pass4sure 70-412 dumps from https://www.pass4surekey.com/exam/70-412.html Today I Pass
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    Latest Dumps for 70-411, 70-412, 70-413, 70-414 Exams

    Inputs on Latest Dumps for 70-411, 70-412, 70-413, 70-414 Exams... latest dumps on these exams should please be posted here
  4. P

    About to finish MCSA

    Hey guys, Going to have a crack at 70-412 in a few weeks. Previously passed 70-410 and 70-411 first time which I was really pleased about Spent roughly 6-7 months studying on each exam with various resources - books, cbt's, virtual machines Hope I am prepared enough for 70-412. Looks like...
  5. Mouratov

    Most recent Vce 70-412

    Hello guys, can anyone tell me wich one is the most recentes/valid vce? Anyone can upload please! Thanks
  6. S

    Passed 70-412 with 8xx score

    Passed the exam with 8xx score. I would to thank you all especially Runepup. Note Runepup 242q is valid.
  7. G

    passed 70-412

    I passed 70-412 with good score, Most questions included in RunePup dump but turned around a lot and also twisted - server names and positions in tables some new questions: 1,CA question Server 1 | Server 2 | Certificate -----...
  8. A

    70-412 Virtaul MAchine Environment

    Hello guys, Maybe someome of you know where I can get virtual environment for 20412D course or the manual for setting it up? Could you please kindly share this info? Much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. taind1982

    First attempts and pass 70-412 with 8xx scores

    Hello guys, At least 95% question available in 70-412 RunePup Final.zip on Google Docs => http://www.certifychat.com/70-412-exam-files/889-70-412-april-10-2016-vce-2.html and Aiotestking (v5) However, there are some tricky, wording questions. I don't remember all of them, just try to post...
  10. Goofoff

    Good Afternoon Test takers ;)

    Good afternoon and i hope you are all doing well today. i have my 70-412 soon and need to pass it this time. i have scored in the 620-680 range twice and am getting highly irritated.
  11. taind1982

    Hello all

    Hi all, I am preparing for MCSA 70-412 in the next week. Can any one share me VCE Simulator or VCE file ? My e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks
  12. admin

    70-412 April 10 2016 VCE

    New VCE created by RunePup. Many thanks to all the contributors especially RunePup who created the file and helped the community! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please consider this Dump as a tool to help and improve lack areas. Never must be considered as a replacement for the experience and formal...
  13. R

    question of 70-412

    you have a server named server1 that runs windows server 2012 R2. server1 has a single volume that is encrypted by using BitLocker Drive Encryption (bitlocker). bitlocker is configured to save encryption keys to a trusted platform module (TPM). server1 is configured to perform a daily system...
  14. R

    New files for 70-412

    you have a server named server1 that runs windows server 2012 R2. server1 is an enterprise subordinate certification authority (CA). server1 is issued a server certificate. you need to ensure that users can request certificates from server1 by using a web browser. which three actions should...
  15. C

    new VCE with additional questions march 23

    here it goes. I have colleagues that took 70-412. they asked me to add more questions that they got at the exams and found later on forums. here is the update VCE: Zippyshare.com - 70-412 23 March 2016.zip
  16. O

    Question 70-412

    cannot seem to find answer to this question You are employed as a senior network administrator at ABC.com. ABC.com has an active directory domain named ABC.com. All servers on the abc.com network windows server2012 installed. You are currently running a training exercise for junior network...
  17. O

    70-412 Question

    My Premium list C, but I have seen this question worded differently, so is the answer correct? C Your network contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com. The forest contains a single domain. The forest contains three Active Directory sites named SiteA, SiteB, and SiteC. The sites...
  18. Bobo

    Just Passed - 8xx

    Just Passed for 70-412. I checked the VCE's from this site but have to be honest....., the v5 from Aiotestking is wat helped the most. Starting here: Which tool should you use? - Microsoft Questions & AnswersMicrosoft Questions & Answers Some differences in words, servernames and more but...
  19. T

    Study material to pass

    I Passed yesturday morning with 852 and i used the following study material; CBT Nuggest (watched all the videos, take notes and build a Hyper v lab to work along with the nuggets) Which tool should you use? - Microsoft Questions & AnswersMicrosoft Questions & Answers (this is the latest...
  20. C

    New VCE 70-412 , please test

    new file here. Should be corrected. Zippyshare.com - 70-412 vce.zip